My 5 Tips to Keep Immunity High During the Winter Months

The winter is already tough on a lot of us, but being sick makes it even worse. I used to spend most of my winters feeling like I was going from one cold to the next. I was an avid user of DayQuil and Sudafeds. A couple times, I would accidentally take a nighttime cold medication and have a lot of trouble staying awake in my classes. It seemed I could not get away from having a cold for a couple months straight.

These past couple years, once I put in my new winter season protocol, I maybe get a cold for 2-3 days once and thats it! It seems I have almost become immune to the common cold. After having my last cold, I decided to compile a mini guide for you guys to help you rev up your immunity during the winter months. Here we go;


Eat a balanced diet including a lot of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have some of the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals that are essential for immune system function and fighting off colds.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will increase your immune function. Getting your lymphatic system moving will also help to sweat and flush all the toxins in your body that may be taking a toll on your body.

Get a quality nights rest

Sleep regulates the release of the hormone cortisol, which stimulates cells that boost the immune system. This will also help allow your body to heal. Our bodies are constantly working throughout the day to handle the stresses that we throw at it, the food we are eating, and just regular functions. The body does some of it's best healing during the night while we sleep because it doesn't have any stress. Intermittent fasting will also help boost your bodies ability to heal over night  since it will not be working on digesting food.

Take a teaspoon of Elderberry

Elderberry is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that will help prevent and combat colds. I take elderberry syrup most mornings in the winter to help keep my immunity up. I also will add in an extra teaspoon when I do have some cold symptoms because it soothes helps soothe my sore throat or stuffy nose.

Incorporate a lot of garlic and mushrooms

Mushrooms like reishi and shiitake are antimicrobial, antiviral, and great for activating your immune system due to its high concentration of polysaccharide called beta glucan. Garlic is antibacterial and anti-fungal, but loses a lot of its potency when cooked, so when I do feel a cold coming on, I try to eat a clove raw. It may not taste very good, but it does help so much with kicking a cold to the curb!

Now these may not be for everyone, but these tips are just a few things I like to try and add into my daily routine during the colder months to help my body stay healthy! 

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite natural cold prevention tips are! I am always looking to keep my protocol up to date.

You should speak to your doctor before adding any new supplementations into your daily routine.

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