Dry Air = Dry Skin: How do I hydrate while sleeping?

Want to wake up with dewy skin? I mean, who doesn’t?!

This humidifier will keep your skin hydrated all winter long


It’s winter, were all struggling with dry skin. We put on layer after layer of moisturizer. Buff all the flaky, dry skin off with an exfoliator. And still, we’re waking up feeling dry.

What better feeling than to wake up in the morning and your skin is already glowing? Nothing. I have very dry skin and often wake up with my eyes in pain from being dry. 

The one thing that solves the dry skin problem is my humidifier. If you want to wake up feeling hydrated and dewy, do yourself a favor and invest in a good humidifier. 

Of course, there are a few other reasons to own a humidifier:

  • Keeps your nasal passages lubricated which helps to ease asthma, colds, allergies, and nose bleeds.

  • Stop yourself or significant other from keeping you up all night with loud snores.

  • Relieve sinusitis and allow your sinuses to drain properly.

I chose the TaoTronics Top Fill Humidifier specifically because of the top loading feature. Basically, you can bring over a pitcher of filtered water and fill it. It also is super easy to clean, unlike the ones with a tiny hole for filling with water. Being able to easily fill the humidifier with filtered water is super important because you don’t want chemicals filling your air. It holds 5L of water, which lasts about 2 days on the low setting for me. 

It also has the option to add in an essential oil. Basically, I turn it on everything with a little lavender essential oil and it puts me right to bed. So calming.

Lastly, it is a cool mist. Now this doesn’t sound important. But, it definitely is. 

PS I even keep one next to my dogs bed so she doesn’t get dry skin throughout the winter either. I’ve noticed she scratches a lot less!

Trust me, if you want a super easy way to wake up glowing,

This humidifier is your answer. 


This is not an ad or sponsored in any way.